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The name that I selected for my business is a reflection of my love for my family as well as the the love for my craft.

    A  little about myself. I started my desire to become a designer and creator of unique and recognizable jewelry over 40 years ago. I was a student at The School Of Visual Arts in N.Y.C. taking courses in three dimensional design and sculpture. This sparked an idea to create wearable sculpture. The first decade was spent teaching myself through trial and error. This was not a very productive time but I learned a lot of basic skills. I then started taking workshops to learn new techniques and hone the skills I had taught myself. Every new technique that I learned inspired me more and gave greater depth to my pieces. I pride myself in the uniqueness of my designs and the cleanliness of my finished pieces.

    I am very particular about the stones that I use in my work. Each one is handpicked for their color and shape and my pieces are designed specifically around each stone. I try to create a feeling of movement in my work. You will notice a flowing almost liquid quality in most of my pieces. All my work is done by hand construction using Sterling Silver and or Gold sheet and wire. The only thing not hand made by me are the chains. All of my creations are truly one of a kind.

    I live in beautiful Saint Augustine Florida where my wife and I moved in 1976. I am a member of The Saint Augustine Art Association and an active member of The Florida Society Of Goldsmiths. Many of the skills that I have learned were taught to me by some of the best Master Jewelers and Metal Smiths in the country. Recently I have had two of my designs published in books.

    I have a passion for what I do and and my designs come from my heart. I realize that  this is a life long ambition and I grow every time I go into my studio. I feel fortunate that I have found something to feed my creative needs and provides me with great satisfaction.

In closing, I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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