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Agate Druzzy, Opal
Sterling Silver

Sun Pendant, Sterling Silver,
14 kt Gold, Paui Shell

Chrysocolla, Malachite, Pearl
Sterling Silver with 14 kt Gold

Moon and Star Pendant
Sterling Siver, Black Onyx

Sterling Siver, 14 kt Gold
with Blacvk Onyx Pendant

Black Onyx, Pyrite
Sterling Silver Pendant

14 kt Gold, Opal and Diamonds
Moveable Pendant

Tri Gold Chain
Oplal and Diamonds

Sterling Silver, 14 kt Gold
Dichroic Pendant

Petercite, Opal
Sterling Silver Pendant


Moveable Opal Pendant
Gold & Diamonds

Twisted Pearl Pendant
Silver & Gold

Ocean Scene Dichroic Glass
Pendant Silver & Gold


Precious Pearl Pendant

Wrapped Dichroic Glass Pendant
Silver with Black Onyx
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